My Story

My son, Mike, passed away unexpectedly on November 27, 2016. Four days before his 24th birthday. He went to sleep and never woke up again. I was immediately thrown into every parent’s worse nightmare. Life for me changed in the instant it took to answer my phone.

For 4 years I drank wine nearly every day to numb and forget the reality of my life without one of my children. What I found was grief doesn’t go away with a bottle of wine. It hides behind the door and waits for you to sober up. Then it jumps out at you to say “I am still here.” I was alive but I wasn’t truly living.

I decided to make 2021 be the year that I learn how to live and not just exist. I decided that I wanted to stop drinking wine and alcohol just to escape. I wanted to figure out how to learn to live again. This is my story.

I have a desire and a passion to help other mother’s learn to live without one of their children. I want to help them learn to live a vibrant healthy life without using alcohol as a means to escape reality. I want to help them heal their broken hearts and choose to live in a way that honors their children’s memories.

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