International Bereaved Mother’s Day

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Sunday May 2, 2021 is International Bereaved Mother’s Day. A day set aside for the all of the grieving mom’s out there. I had no idea this day existed until I became a bereaved mother. To all the bereaved mother’s out there I give you my admiration, my love, and my best wishes for a day that lets you honor and cherish the memories of your child(ren).

My thoughts on bereaved motherhood

  • You are still a mother. Your child may not live here on earth but you are still a mother. Count your child living in Heaven when you share the number of children you have
  • You are brave. Bereaved mom’s are some of the bravest women I know. It takes a lot of bravery to get out of bed and to continue to function. You know others are counting on you and you somehow find the strength and the courage to keep on moving forward.
  • You are strong. So often I hear “you are so strong” and often I don’t feel strong. The truth is none of us were given a choice. We have to keep moving forward for our families and those who are counting on us
  • You have a story to share. Keep your child’s memories alive. Don’t be afraid to talk about him/her. This is your day to cherish your memories and share their story.
  • You are amazing. You get up every day and you keep moving forward in the midst of heartache, pain and anguish.
  • You are beautiful
  • You are loved.

So cherish your memories, share your story. Celebrate you however you choose to this weekend. Some bereaved mother’s will pull out ultrasound pictures and the few photos and moments they look at them. Some bereaved mother’s will go to the graveside of their child and take flowers. Some bereaved mother’s might go to the scene of the accident and put flowers on a cross. Some bereaved mother’s might be to raw and to new to do anything and that is perfectly ok. Each one of has our own unique journey. There is no blueprint for grieving. You choose what you can and can’t handle and when you are ready you will know what the right thing is.

I have never liked Mother’s Day. My own mother died when I was 10 and it’s always been a tough day for me. I gave up going to church on Mother’s Day. It was too much for me to sit and listen to all the mother stories and see all the mother’s and generations of families sharing the day together. Even as a mother I struggled with Mother’s Day. It was never a day I wanted to celebrate. And I learned over the years I wasn’t the only “motherless daughter” who felt that way. I eventually came to the realization that I as a mother I could choose to do what I wanted on that day. And when I became a bereaved mother and learned there was an International Bereaved Mother’s Day I learned that I have the choice to do what I want on that day as well. I get to choose how I remember my son and I get to choose what to do that day.

Whatever you decide to do this weekend. Celebrate you and remember your children. I wish you peace and happiness and above all love. Be kind. Be gentle, and be loving to yourself.

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