As we embark on a new year it is always bittersweet. As parents who have lost a child ending one year and starting a new one is very difficult. Leaving our children behind and starting a whole new year without them is incredibly tough.. Where would they be now? Who would they be with? Would … Continue reading 2022


Child loss and grief is like the waves in the ocean. There are days when you are standing at the edge and watching the water ebb and flow. You are noticing the waves and how they crash on the beach. You are aware of the constant presence of the water and the tides. But you … Continue reading Waves

Self Care

As a bereaved parent there will be days months, times when you feel like you just can’t go on. When Mike died on 11/27/2016 in the first year it was the 27th of each month. You find that you count months since they died in much the same way you counted months they were alive. … Continue reading Self Care


November is quickly approaching. November is my least favorite month of the year. Mike died on November 27, 2016. I used to love Thanksgiving and preparing a meal or sharing with family and friends. I loved making the turkey and all of the trimmings. Mike loved thanksgiving dinner, especially mom’s Thanksgiving dinner. I wanted to … Continue reading November

Tough Tasks

I did not write a post in August. I was struggling with my own grief. This is my house. The house Mike lived and died in. I was left with a decision to keep, rent, or sell it. My younger son lived there when he graduated from college for 3 1/2 years, but needed to … Continue reading Tough Tasks

Father’s Day

Sunday June 20, 2021 is father’s Day. Many men will be having a tough time with this day. Perhaps they want to be a dad, but so far they aren’t. they may have a strained relationship with a child, or they may have lost a child. They may have a strained relationship with their own … Continue reading Father’s Day


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